Saks Metering has new partners and is looking to build upon our success for new job types and markets.

As an added benefit to you, Saks can now bid as the Prime Contractor, taking on the inventory responsibility and logistics. Saks can take on inventory responsibility as a non-prime service as well. Saks is open to financing jobs for a minimal interest rate, allowing for government budgets to be utilized elsewhere. Please contact us for more information on these new programs.

saks metering water Water Utility

While 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by water, only 1% of that is available for human use. Water as a global resource has grown more scarce year over year. Household leaks waste more than 1 trillion gallons annually nationwide. It is our job to help conserve our water for both our environment and our future generations. We can do this through monitoring our consumption and leak protection.

Smart Water Meter Installation

Smart meters are designed to remotely access data retrieved by your water meter and distribute that data to your local water district. Smart meters help give accurate reads and have leak detection built in. This gives us the knowledge required to best conserve our water.

Meter Testing

Just like any piece of equipment, your water meter goes through wear and tear. Meter testing allows us to test the accuracy of your meter to determine if a new meter is required or needs to be recalibrated. We can also repair your meter if more detail work is necessary.

Large Meter/Confined Space

Installing a large meter or a meter in a confined space is a specialty skill set few installers possess. We pride ourselves on training our staff to be capable of handling all meter types no matter the difficulty. These meters are usually found in businesses or buildings and are usually correlated with a high water consumption, or with meters that haven’t been repaired in a while and may have inaccurate readings. Without the proper meters, there may be thousands of dollars in lost revenue per meter. Please contact us to inquire about this service.

Fire Hydrants

We hope you never need to use your fire hydrants. However, when you do need it, we want you to know its functionality. We offer a variety of fire hydrant services including Flow Testing, Inspections, Valve Exercising, and Flushing of the Mains to keep your emergency systems up to date. The data generated from these services can give the authorities the information they need for emergency planning.

Backflow Installation and Testing

A backflow device is also known as an RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) valve. It is important that your home or building has this device installed onto your plumbing system to protect your drinking water and the city water supply from contaminants. It is recommended that this device get tested annually.

Lead Pipe Testing

The Environmental Protection Agency says between 10% and 20% of our exposure to lead comes from contaminated water. It's even worse for the youngest and most vulnerable: Babies can get between 40% and 60% of their exposure to lead by drinking formula mixed with contaminated water. Lead pipe testing tells us how much exposure your water has to lead.

Meter Downsizing

Meter downsizing measures how much water a property uses. If a meter is too large, it is possible that the meter reading is inaccurate. By properly resizing your meter, you can ensure the proper reading, saving future costs for the next time you need your meter changed.

Curb Valve Exercising

For water to get into your home it first travels through a curb valve near the street. These valves are rarely used and can rust up easily, therefore can become susceptible to breakage. By exercising your curb valve, we can decrease the risk of damages that may incur.

saks metering electric Electric Utility

Currently, the natural resources that produce electricity are depleting at a higher rate than they can be produced. Therefore, the electric utility industry has been proactive about the implementation of smart meters. These meters will help us monitor our electric consumption and better express the data needed to help reduce your electric bill.

saks metering gas Gas Utility

Of all the energy that America produces, 68% of that energy is considered wasted energy. This waste is due to various inefficiencies of everyday life, but with that there are numerous ways to reduce this waste. Smart meters are also effecting the gas industry as a way to slow down the wasted fuel being over consumed.